Wild Animals Should Stay Wild Essay

Wild animals should stay wild essay

Many people believe that wild animals should not be kept in confined spaces like zoos while there are also those who think that there are good reasons for having zoos. Keeping the wildlife in restricted areas and cages could have many negative implications on the animals although those who favour such controlled spaces feel that they are more secure | Band:   The animals that we see in zoos are wild animals. They were created to live in wild, natural places. In these wild places there is lots of space for an animal to hunt and live naturally. A famous wild animal is the tiger. In Russia, a tiger lives in a space that is about 80 miles by 80 miles or square miles. Moreover, people visiting zoos get to know the animals from close and encourage research which helps in conservation for the wild animals. In conclusion, both the opinions are supported by strong points, but in my view, there are more pros of zoos than cons. Wild animals should stay in the wild, Kenyan conservationist tells UAE pupils Children are an integral part of nature conservation, an official from the Kenya Wildlife Service told .   Read Persuasive Speech on Keeping Exotic Animals as House Pets free essay and over 89, other research documents. Persuasive Speech on Keeping Exotic Animals as House Pets. Exotic animals should not be kept as pets. Every year wild animals seriously hurt or kill people, usually their owners or family members.

Wild Animals Should Stay Wild Essay

  Wild animals should stay wild. 0 comments Share this. Facebook; Twitter; WhatsApp; SMS; Email; Print; Save; Wild animals should stay wild. Wild animals such as raccoons can’t really be house trained, and they are destructive, messy and will bite. They can grow to more than 25 pounds and can become particularly aggressive during. Food and shelter are provided, medicine, and their breeding is being controlled. And many of the wild animals in zoos are ones that are on the endangered list as their amounts are rapidly diminishing.

Letting them loose and returning them to the wild is not necessarily a safe option. Wild Animals Should NOT Be Kept in Captivity. Words11 Pages.

It is said that in order to protect the wildlife, we need to be educated about the wildlife that inhabits our planet. As humans, and the superior species on Earth, we put exotic animals, aquatic and terrestrial, in zoos or aquariums where people can go to see them to learn more about them in order to protect them. IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer Essay: Protecting Wild Animals or Humans. Some people think that resources should be spent on protecting wild animals, while others think those would be better used for the human population.

Discuss. Some wild animals, such as reptiles and hedgehogs can actually carry bacteria called salmonella, which is very easily transmitted to humans. Exotic animals can be very social, and need to have a companion of the same species living with them. If the animal is kept isolated from its kind, then it can suffer psychologically (CFHS).

Many wild animals that are kept as pets often get abandoned because the. Wild animals are being kept in cages and being treated like a hobby around the world, these animals should be protected, not be stared at through glass or cages. Wild animals such as large cats, primates or even certain types of snakes are thought by certain types of people to be great pets or even thought of as a status symbol.

Ultimately, a wild animalís best chance of survival is staying in the wild. This is especially true for baby animals. Only licensed wildlife rehabilitators may legally possess abandoned or injured wildlife. Unless you are licensed, it is illegal to possess a live wild animal in Michigan. Essay, Pages 3 ( words) Views. Many people have questioned whether they would ever consider to buy a wildlife animal as a pet.

Although owning a wildlife animal would seem out of this world, it’s not worth risking the lives of these poor animals who are meant to be out in the wild. As many people know, having wild animals as pets is becoming more popular, but should not be taken in. Wild animals like lions, tigers and bears are not considered to be good house pets like a dog or a cat (which are considered domestics animals). Across the world, wild animals are captured, taken from their natural habitats or bred in captivity, and suffer a lifetime of cruelty and abuse.

Whether it is riding elephants, taking selfies with tigers, or performing dolphin shows, these activities can cause lifelong suffering for wild animals.

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Some are beaten into submission, deprived of food and water or trapped in concrete cages. Shayra Lafuente Mr. Franco Junior English 5 December Exotic Animals As Pets According to HSUS, the human society of the United States, wild animal trade is a multi-billion business, following to drugs and weaponries on the black market.

It is a fifteen billion dollar industry in America alone. Keeping wild animals as pets not only risks your life but the people around you too. Why You Should Not Feed Wild Animals Essay; Why You Should Not Feed Wild Animals Essay. Words 3 Pages. I remember being a little boy crying as I watched a zoo monkey eat my chocolate ice cream bar.

Animal natural instincts are designed for their own survival, which means fulfilling their basic needs, including food and water.

They will do. Although many people think that animals should stay in the wild, animals should live in zoos because, zoos focus on scientific study and research to help the animals, there is less chance for extinction, and the animals have veterinarians to take care of them when they are sick. The Wildlife Conservation Essay is an insight into the requirements of conserving wildlife globally. Deforestation. Deforestation is also a major cause of wildlife loss.

Mass murders of wild animals are taking place all over the globe for their meat, bones, fur, teeth, hair, skin, etc. The need for conservation of wildlife has now become a. There is no excuse for keeping wild animals in amusement parks or circuses. Until our governments take action, we should avoid supporting places where captive wild animals. wild animals as pets. English 5 December Exotic Animals As Pets According to HSUS, the human society of the United States, wild animal trade is a multi-billion business, following to drugs and weaponries on the black market.

It is a fifteen billion dollar industry in America alone. Keeping wild animals as pets not only risks your life but the people around you too.

Essay on Should Animals Be Kept in the Zoo? Words | 5 Pages. Animals play an important role of human life. Wild animal is a kind that normally lives in the wild, for example: elephants, tigers, rhinos and many others. They live in the wild with spacious and natural environment, however many humans kept them in the zoo, as an attraction for. Many wild animals can carry diseases that can be passed to humans, also known as zoonotic diseases. Furthermore, by instinct most wild animals will. Top 10 dissertation writing services.

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Smoking is harmful to our health essay what is essay and kinds of essay Wild essay wild stay should animals essay questions on conceptual framework how long does it take to type a 3 page i chose nursing as a career path essay, essay 4/5(). A survey posted by Senior Minister Teo Chee Hean yesterday is seeking residents' views on what should be done about the wild animals in Pasir Ris, after a wild. Persuasive Essay: Should We Have Zoos? Words | 4 Pages.

These include animals like giraffes and lions to anything smaller, like seals and otters.

Should Animals Be Kept In Zoos - Words | Cram

Although these are all amazing animals to look at, no one ever thinks about what life is like for the animals themselves. The term wild animal is. Persuasive Speech Outline Topic: Exotic animals do not make good pets Specific Purpose: To convince the audience that even though the baby versions of wild animals are cute, they don’t stay that way forever.

Therefore wild animals should not be pets. Central Idea: Wild animals Read more. IELTS Writing Task 2 Test With Band Sample Essay – protection of endangered species. Task 2: Some people think that a huge amount of time and money is spent on the protection of wild animals, and that this money could be better spent on the human population.

I personally think animal hunting should be banned because hunters are one of the main reasons why animals suffer, are extinct, and are endangered. Because of hunting animals are becoming extinct, and with arsenal of rifles, shotguns, muzzle loaders, handguns, bows and arrows, hunters kill more than million animals yearly. Zoos are an unsuitable environment for wild animals and should, therefore, be abolished.

A zoo is an unnatural environment that exposes animals to numerous dangers. Diseases often spread between species that would never live together naturally. Wild animals belong in the wild — and when they can’t be, they should be in accredited sanctuaries, where their safety and well-being are given the.

Essay on policy process essay on teaching is my passion vegetarian vs omnivore essay! Sat essay themes fighting in school essay, gst in hindi essay should animals wild Wild stay essay evaluation essay of a book. How to generate ideas to write essay. How many words in introduction for word essay, what do you write college essays on. Wild Animals as Pets “Between 13, and 2, B.C., humans domesticated dogs, cats, cattle, goats, horses, and sheep from their wild counterparts.

Although the terms taming and domestication are often used interchangeably, they are not the same. Individual wild animals can be tamed to behave in a docile manner around humans.

By contrast, domestication is a process that. Should Wild Animals be Kept as Pets. One can argue that animals can be tamed if their existence is considered to be endangered. In such a situation people do tame the animal to protect the species.

This idea is highly welcome as some animals are said to be greatly diminishing in number due to various ecological reasons.

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However, I believe that zoos violate the rights of animals to live naturally and freely in the wild, and it upsets the balance of nature. This paper argues why animals should not be kept in zoos, and also tries to refute the counterarguments that claim that zoos are good for the animals and/or society. Advantages and Disadvantages of Keeping Animals in Zoos Currently, a majority of the wild animals stay in zoos. The zoos are present everywhere across the globe, and it is a good technique to allow people become knowledgeable on wild animals. Furthermore, it does not endanger the lives of people and saves money on travelling costs to other countries. Zoos enable people. Currently some people think that government should spend money to protect the wild animals which are endangered but other think that extinction of wild animals is a natural phenomena and thus government should not waste money. For this, iam more inclined to agree for do not spend money just to keep wild animals away Essay topic to essay.  Should Animals Stay Wild? Felix, David Period. 4 I always wanted to be a zookeeper since I was six but until I found out the reality behind zoos. A good man once said “Truth is scarier than fiction” and it is true, as we learn more want zoos really do. I going Do zoos really animals treat inhumane. Why should care for animals? Wild Animals Should Not Be Kept In Zoos Essay, cover letter blood, how to describe yourself in an essay examples, literary essay example literary essay example grade 4.   For example, the Romans kept collections of wild animals for ancient games. After the conquest of Dacia, Emperor Trajan held days of games in celebration, during which thousands of animals were slaughtered, including elephants, lions, rhinoceroses, tigers, giraffes, crocodiles, bulls, hippopotami and stags. Many wild animals come to live with people after they have been found either injured or abandoned. In a combination of wanting to help the animal and perhaps thinking caring for a rescued wild. Essay writing in hindi for class 7 animals zoos essay in should Wild not ielts kept be attack on army public school peshawar essay essay in hindi about car, is it good to say in conclusion in an essay. Examples of concluding an essay. Can a good lawyer be a good person essay. Animals should not be not be caged. They should be in the wilderness with their families. I therefore strongly believe that animals are better off in the wild. Firstly, animals should live in their natural habitat and be allowed to roam freely because animals’ natural instincts will vanish if they are caged in zoos. essay agrees that every wild animal needs to be saved and it will be justified in the following paragraphs along with the discussion of both the views. The growing .

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  A group of people believe that all wild animals should be protected while others think that we should only preserve several ones. The following paragraphs will discuss both views in detail, but I personally believe that all wild animals should be conserved. For a number of reasons, some people believe that not all wild animals should be preserved. To have these animals live in zoos, feeding them and taking care of them makes the animal more like a pet than a wild animal. There are good zoos which will provide great care and protection to animals, besides which the animals are kept in a well looked after environment where they are able to be in the same habitat as the wild. The reasons are pretty clear. With that said, in the world of. Essay on Wild Animals. Essay Contents: Essay on Tiger (Panthers Tigris) Essay on Lion (Panthera Leo) The cubs wander about their lair, and when about 6 months old accompany the mother in her hunting and may stay with her until 2 years old, and even after she has acquired a new mate. Sexual maturity is attained at 3 years of age by the. Animals do have rights and thus should not live in captivity. For mankind to want to keep animals in cages is selfish and only highlights the dark side of humanity, which is often loaded with pride and greed. Building on the above, this paper thus seeks to support the notion that animals should not be kept in captivity for entertainment purposes. #wildanimals #brightside #animalsWELCOME TO THE BRIGHT SIDE OUR MISION IS TO PROVIDE BEST VALUABLE INFORMATIVE VIDEO WITH HIGH QUALITY AUDIO AND VIDEO.#theb. Write essay on planetarium the different types of ielts essays essay supporting euthanasia?Example mba application essays, essay on swachh bharat in english in words essay on my favourite fruit mango for class 3 short essay on media trial animals we Should wild pets keep essay as georgetown essay supplement how to write a point by point comparison essay.   Aug. / Simran Raina. 1. Wild animals are kept in zoos all over the world. At present, zoos are tourist attractions in many countries and need wild creatures to attract visitors. I believe that wild animals should not be kept in zoos, and there should be alternative places to see them. Should wild animals be tamed essay. Model Technology Solutions puts your Windows network on cruise control. With our Microsoft endpoint management services, you’ll watch your network security, compliance, and personnel free time go up and your costs, risks, and trouble tickets go down. We help you manage your network with efficiency, accuracy, and a little bit of quirkiness. On the one hand, there are compelling reasons for wildlife to not be kept in zoos. First of all, wild animals are happier in their natural habitats as they can lead their lives by freely roaming around the forest, experiencing the various seasons and being around other animals. In addition, they will not feel as captives bounded by an area in a zoo. There are many arguments around the question whether people should spend a huge amount of money on protecting wild animals or use expenditure on the survival of humankind. In my perspective, people should keep balance the resources allocated for human and other species. On the one hand, money and effort should be spent on welfare of human.